Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Amman Sprint

Wednesday 5th April 2006

Having only a few hours sleep and having to get up at 3am to get to the airport by 4am for a plane that departs at 7am makes any day a long day. Then when the flight takes only 23 minutes, yes Tel Aviv to Amman takes only 23 minutes, you spend longer taxing than the actual flight.

The Royal Jordanian Frequent Flyer credits you with having flown 80 miles this has to be one of the shortest international flights in the world.

Arriving at the hotel I had 45 minutes to get my act together and be ready down in the lobby to go, so what did I do well, this tri bug has bitten me big time and my goal now is to try and do a workout that is in effect a sprint Triathlon at every hotel I travel to in the Gym.

Now I am still actually trying to figure out how far to swim bike and run, more research is required, but I did get a 500m swim in the pool, so that is leg one done for the day this evening will be the bike and run, looking forward to seeing how my legs cope with the bike run transition.

7pm Local

Back to the gym, and onto (lets say a bike that was not bought by anyone who has any idea about Gym Equipment) the seat is designed for, to be polite someone with an extremely wide berth) But you take what you take in hotel gyms.

I had sat in the traffic today driving around Amman trying to find out if there was an official distance for a Sprint Triathlon, on my blackberry. It just confused me more as there were multiple combinations and computations. So I mentally agreed that a 15 km bike and 5 km run would be a good combination.

The bike leg went well cannot remember my time as my watch Polar 625X cannot be downloaded to my Apple Mac G4. I had worked up a good sweat and was mentally quite psyched for the run section also I could of forgone the run as I am absolutely knackered being up since 3am in the morning. But I wanted to see how my legs would handle the bike run transition.

Unfortunately people trying to twist their spines as they walked on the machines holding the handles in any combination occupied all the five treadmills.

This was my mental out, and I settled in for some core work on my ab’s, on a Swiss ball in the corner for decoration more than use.

Then I spotted a treadmill free and jumped on, ready to run “OK says left side of the brain you only have to do 2.5km (another distance I saw a few times on various web sites.

I settled in and the immediately noticed that the treadmill and watch were not in any correlation of accuracy, so I went by my watch.

I deliberately took a slow pace as I felt twinges in my hamstrings, and after a couple of km was really ready to throw the towel in at 2.5 km. But I am a stubborn soul and would of just cheated myself; I felt good and just chugged thru the km and did the 5km.

More than anything I felt good within myself and had met my goals for the day and the future, every new hotel on every trip time allowing “No Excuses” I aim to do a Sprint Tri, just got to find out the official distance

A good days training all told

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