Sunday, April 16, 2006

Run Spin Swim Run

Always enjoy Saturdays, for they are the big training day of the week and this Saturday was no exception.

Perhaps the best wisdom I have heard in years of training came later in the day when listening to a Zen & the Art of Triathlon Podcast when they were talking about training partners and different levels of intensity, the key word is Mutual Respect and that is something that I am going to work on.

The day began with a long run 15 km in 1:24;00 , for the first time in weeks in felt like a solid run a pace the slowest km was a 6:08 and the pace for my last three km's was 5:46 , 5:35 and a 5:15 which was great to feel strong enough to turn the screws up at the end and finish strong which was the plan to pick up the pace at the end of a long - start slow manintain the pace and then push at the end. Heart rate average 115 Max 135 bpm

Then it was off to Spin (really want to bike but the roads are to dangerous here to realistically go out and ride without a chase car blocking, which a lot of cycling groups do here.

So the Spin class was a full out push , even with some English thrown in so that I could actually track what was going on - really worked on cadeance and position on the bike managed to ramp the heart up to 151 bpm and could feel the burn in my legs for nearly 30 minutes at the end. Dripping with sweat I jumped off the bike and headed straight for the pool for a swim , a mini reverse Sprint triathlon which I am now really enjoying doing.

The swim was a steady 500m breaststroke with no freestyle today splits for each hundred were 2:32 . 2:44 , 2:48 , 2:40 , 2:40 , I am more than convinced that in Triathlons that my best strength is to keep with a solid breaststroke that I know I can maintain for a steady few km's

Now an hour or two break and out for another run , with the local Hash House Harriers Group, 7.2 km with lots of holds, my legs felt dead to start and very tired, finished first as the front running bastard which at the end of a workout day like today was very warming to know that I am feeling extremely toned and pumped at the moment.

Looking forward to a 10 km race in a few weeks and not to repeat the mistakes of my last 10km

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