Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sometimes Rest is Good

Well I packed to run in Nepal, but all I did was eventuall spend over three days in planes and less than 44 hours in Katmandu, so last weeks lack of training I actuall put down as a chance to get some needed Rest have been working hard in the last few weeks and my muscles were complaining, felt almost like a groin strain and now after the rest that is totally gone.

So hit the gym today for a double session, early morning spin class with a patriotic Insrructor who claimed that with Memorial Day coming up we were going to have Israeli Music, it was like a bad restaurant turned up loud and the whole class was flatter than an omelet in the end , but after my rest week probably best .

Second session was Eliptical 40 minuutes at Intervals followed by twenty minutes of weights and a 500 m swim so in all a solid day

Looks like my first tri is set for June 17 in Tel Aviv , have to get Medicals done and join the Tri Association here, looking forward to it


NYPaint said...

I linked to your blog fro Triscoop when I read that you were just in Nepal. I have a friend there that I have lost contact with. Just wondering about your impressions of the general saftey for the average citizen of Katmandu. I take it you weren't there for very long but first hand thoughts of life there away from the protests would be great.
Good luck with your first Tri. Get psyched to become addicted.

Mal said...

Hi Nypaint
My thoughts are that Nepal is TOTALLY safe and an awesome country, would go back there with my family tomorrow with out a second thought, the street demonstraions were limited to just the streets there was no destruction of property and things have certainly quietened down.
Contact with anyone there can be touch and go, in the last four weeks the cell phone system has been on and off at the whim of the Govt , so maybe do not read to much into no phone contact even if they were in Katmandu. As for the rest of the country unless they have a sat phone , let them enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world
Thanks for reading the blog