Friday, April 14, 2006

Gym Assessment Day

Awesome run last night with the Thursday Knight Hash House Harriers , 10 km in the humidity which was turned on for the first time yesterday in Tel Aviv , summer is here now I look forward to the cold in December long hot training days ahead.

Finally managed to get to the Gym today for my assessment took along some heart rate readouts which seemed to blow the Instructor away with my low heart rate , my weight has gone up due to muscle mass increase , my clothes are fitting loose , fyi weight is up to 87 for the first time not worried about getting weight down BUT want to drop weight for Fall marathons so have time to work on that

Had my Body Fat measured and had two readings the first 10.4% based on Athletic reading and then again on a standard reading which came out high at 19.5% , Instructor calculated the median out at approx 14 % , so very happy with these figures and the comment that I do not need to loss weight

Taking a Rest Day today , listening to the body and preparing for a solid workout tomorrow , long run planning 15 km's slow then perhaps a spin class and swim enjoying the full training regime at the moment and keeping lots of effort in minimising impact injury

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