Sunday, April 02, 2006

Simply Stu's Triathalon

If you are not into Running Podcasts then you are missing a fascinating new aspect to running and training. Runners and Triathletes around the world put their thoughts and ideas out there, and then you can download their mussings and listen to how other like minded people around the world are running and competing.

Simply Stu is one such podcast, a mad keen Triathlete from Wisconsin has put together a great podcast that offers insights into some of how the worlds top Triathletes train and compete. Then he came up with this idea of having all his listeners compete in there own parts of the world, in your own time doing your own thing as long as you swim run and bike in a weekend, then you are in.

Now i am a competitiive person to say the the least, one of my not so good traits but still thats me. So I took the challenge yesterday and in my own way did my first triathalon

First up was the regular long run on Saturday morning 16 km with the gang, the pace is now getting ridiculous, to try something new I got everyone into the Galloway method of running, whereby you run for 8 minutes then walk for one minute. More on this in a later blog. I was hoping that this would inspire Judith to put the pedal to the metal, all that happened is that she was slower in all due respects this stupid diet of hers is starting to really drag us down. Still I hope that in a week or so she will give up on this craze, start a proper diet and then her running should pick up.

After a rest and breakfast it was off to the gym , here for the bike leg of my tri I took a killer spin class and once again kicked my own butt big time. Have no idea how far you actually go in a spin class but at the pace i was at it was a damm fine distance.

Straight out of the class and into the pool for a 600m swim and thus my first tri was done. I had a great deal of pride in myself at the end of it and now have the bug to get into tri's over summer and use this as a boost to my running program.

All I have to do is let Stu know how i did and that the world just got another tri in the mix


Papa Louie said...

Greetings! I heard your interview with steverunner on his podcast show and thought it was it was an amazing story. I also listen to simply stu which I think is great. You may also want to check out get your geek on (triathlon), and thefredcast (cycling. Take care.

SimplyStu said...
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SimplyStu said...

You rock Mal! The "glow stick" story will be on soon.