Thursday, April 06, 2006

Waiting for the King

Amman Jordan

When I am busy I am very busy and when i am waiting , I just wait , hotel television kills me to death with boredom and repetition, going to the bar and drinking yourself into hangover and feeling like crap the next day is something of the past.

Today we are scheduled to fly down to Duba, all I have to do is a stand up outside the hotel where we are staying, Hyatt Amman the one that was bombed last November, we now stay on the 9th floor as far away as possible from the Ground Floor.

At some stage we might get to see the King, actually I just want to see the Queen

Hit the pool nice and early and I think I actually swam a km 960 m Breast Stroke 40 m Freestyle all I have to do is work towards reversing those numbers , Going to try and get another workout in later tonight in Dubai

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