Friday, April 21, 2006

Going to Gaza

Going to Gaza

Now I have a reason to have a Rest Day, well three actually.

1. I am sore from playing Aussie Rules Footy yesterday in the park.
2. It is a Public Holiday for the end of Passover and the Gym does not open till nine am
3. I actually do have to go to Gaza and the walk of shame to get into Gaza is a workout in its own right.

I used to train in Gaza, I would run from the Hotel, down to the then Chairman Arafat’s compound, where the soldiers would raise their guns indicating that I should turn, then back past the fish market, past the donkeys waiting outside the UN Food Distribution Centre and along the Beach by the Refugee Camp, aptly named Beach Camp.

Those days are a long past memory now, the risk of kidnapping in Gaza is a extremely high, as the situation down there deteriorates into anarchy and desperation, there are too many reasons to list here, and those thoughts and musings will be on by Unholyland blog.
Last couple of days, I have been training hard, with emphasis on getting these core exercises down, At the Gym every hour on the hour they run a fifteen minute mini class, where the Instructor puts you thru a hellacious program that works the entire ab’s area, keeping this up you never know I might even one day have the elusive six pack.

Taking a rest from doing extensive running, have cut out the junk runs, whereby I would go out for junk km’s, they were runs without focus and I think were actually doing me more harm than building my fitness.

I still like to concentrate on three running workouts a week

1. The Saturday LONG Run with emphasis on Progression of Pace
2. A Hills session
3. A Track workout, 400m repeats at the moment, will work up to Yasso 800’s later in the year, when the marathon program actually starts

Now that I have added Spinning, Eliptical, Strength & Core and Swimming the training towards my first Triathlon I think has greatly improved my fitness in the last month.

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