Thursday, April 13, 2006

Arse back Elbows In

WEDNESDAY 12 April 13, 2006

Get your arse “back” Elbows in, relax the shoulders. arse back over the seat, not that far back just the thin bit of the seat between your legs, and of course turn your legs real fats nice and easy, concentrate on pulling up, do not mash , now these are things that my Spin Instructor would of said to me if I spoke to Hebrew or she spoke English.

One of these days I am going to be somewhere where I can actually understand a whole spin class, it is going to be fun to find out what actually is involved in Instructing a spin class, because the energy they have is phenomenal.

For the meantime I rely on Mo, to laugh at the look on my face gesture little hand signals as to when to turn the tension up and of course to move my arse back over the seat, but then again I do not wear one of those sweat bands that make you look like Olivia Newton John from the 1980’s Lets Get Physical Video, but then again would not miss a class together, there is nothing better than working out with her.

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