Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday and the First Core Workout

Everything you read tells you that the most important inner strength to holding form and improving my fitness is to develop a stronger core.

What is "The Core" well in essence a new way of saying Ab's , strong Ab's hold your core together and the Gym here has a great program whereby on the hour every hour they run a mini session of fifteen minutes of Abs workout , simple and brutal but at the end you can feel the difference

I had started with an Eliptical session which I wanted to use to shake the cobwebs from yesterdays legs , a neat piece of machinery that has no impact physically and I use different muscles from running and spinning - approx 3 - 4 kms cannot remember but a good thirty minutes before the core.

Then down to the pool for another 500m , today I was determined to get a 500 in but with the first 100m freestyle, I know taht I suck in swimming at the moment BUT thinking back I was a guy who could not run around the block without collapsing and I take that into my swimming - the 100 m freestyle was painful but then I could see from the time that what ever reason I come up with it is faster than breast , my bad 100 free was done in 2:39 and my other 400 times breast sucked 2:50 to 3:00 which was even worse than yesterday

Finished feeling really pumped and strong in the shoulders which was a nice burn

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