Monday, April 24, 2006

You know when you are a runner

Tel Aviv Airport 4am

Being sent on assignment means that your training can suffer, so tonight when I was told I was going to Kathmandu Nepal to cover the riots and civil unrest. So what is the first thing I pack , my running clothes and swimmers, hey I want to get in a Mal Hotel Tri in Nepal, will just have to avoid the curfews, tear gas, rubber bullets, police and army not to mention the population intent on overthrowing the King.

Yesterdays training was the standard 15km long run in the early hours down in the park, moving along in sub 6 which felt good, followed by setting the hash and then running the hash in the afternoon, not only did I have to run I also had to run back and find my footpod for my 625 HRM which managed to get dislodged and drop off in the forest.

Man I was sore and stiff this morning but managed a core workout down at the Gym

Life goes on, now it is a day and half on aeroplanes

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